Climatic Sensors

Meteo Sensor (Troyka Module) Meteo Sensor (Troyka Module)

A digital hygrometer based on SHT31 with 0.2 °C and 2 %RH tolerance

Temperature Humidity Sensor (DHT21) Temperature Humidity Sensor (DHT21)

A digital hygrometer to control air parameters in 0..100 %RH and -40..+80 °C range with 0.5 °C tolerance

Soil Moisture Sensor Soil Moisture Sensor

Will tell you when it’s time to water your plant

Sealed DS18B20 Temperature Sensor Sealed DS18B20 Temperature Sensor

Measure temperature in air, water, or soil with 0.5 °C tolerance

Digital Temperature and Humidity Sensor (Troyka Module) Digital Temperature and Humidity Sensor (Troyka Module)

A low-end hygrometer based on DHT-11 for ±2 °C temperature measurements

Analog Temperature Sensor (Troyka Module) Analog Temperature Sensor (Troyka Module)

A simple thermometer that carries its ±1 °C measures in the signal voltage