Orientation/IMU Sensors

Digital Barometer/Altimeter (Troyka Module) Digital Barometer/Altimeter (Troyka Module)

Make weather forecasts or measure altitude changes

Binary Tilt Sensor (Troyka Module) Binary Tilt Sensor (Troyka Module)

Tilt one side for 1, bring back for 0

Analog Accelerometer (Troyka Module) Analog Accelerometer (Troyka Module)

Three axis, three analog outputs to detect shakes, flips, and tilts

3-axis Magnetometer/Compass (Troyka Module) 3-axis Magnetometer/Compass (Troyka Module)

Shows you the course by measuring Earth’s magnetic field

3-axis Digital Gyroscope (Troyka Module) 3-axis Digital Gyroscope (Troyka Module)

Tells angular velocity: are we rotating or what?

3-axis Digital Accelerometer (Troyka Module) 3-axis Digital Accelerometer (Troyka Module)

Measure up to 8 G dive or use it as a tilt sensor

10-DOF Inertial Measurement Unit (Troyka Module) 10-DOF Inertial Measurement Unit (Troyka Module)

All the sensors to understand your device orientation in the 3D space: an accelerometer, gyro, magnetometer, and barometer