LED Modules

Illuminated Button (Troyka Module) Illuminated Button (Troyka Module)

A button and LED with all neccessary resistors and power key on a single module

Ultrabright LED (Troyka Module) Ultrabright LED (Troyka Module)

Make the light party started; the module carries a very bright LED and components to control it with a single signal pin

Addressable RGB LED Matrix 4×4 (Troyka Module) Addressable RGB LED Matrix 4×4 (Troyka Module)

Neopixels FTW: these 16 LEDs allow your device to show its mood; make a rich indicator using only a single pin for control

Simple LED (Troyka Module) Simple LED (Troyka Module)

A five millimeter LED with a current-limitting resistor and power key built-in

IR Transmitter LED (Troyka Module) IR Transmitter LED (Troyka Module)

Send infrared signals to your appliances mockering the native remote

LED Matrix (Troyka Module) LED Matrix (Troyka Module)

8×8 points to display some bars, patterns, or symbols