Light Emitters

IR Transmitter LED (Troyka Module) IR Transmitter LED (Troyka Module)

Send infrared signals to your appliances mockering the native remote

Ultrabright LED (Troyka Module) Ultrabright LED (Troyka Module)

Make the light party started; the module carries a very bright LED and components to control it with a single signal pin

Simple LED (Troyka Module) Simple LED (Troyka Module)

A five millimeter LED with a current-limitting resistor and power key built-in

LED Strip (WS2811) LED Strip (WS2811)

Five meters of addressable Neopixel LEDs; 30 LEDs per meter, cut the length whatever you like or daisy-chain several strips

LED Matrix (Troyka Module) LED Matrix (Troyka Module)

8×8 points to display some bars, patterns, or symbols

Illuminated Button (Troyka Module) Illuminated Button (Troyka Module)

A button and LED with all neccessary resistors and power key on a single module

Addressable RGB LED Matrix 4×4 (Troyka Module) Addressable RGB LED Matrix 4×4 (Troyka Module)

Neopixels FTW: these 16 LEDs allow your device to show its mood; make a rich indicator using only a single pin for control