Slider (Troyka Module) Slider (Troyka Module)

A linear potentiometer to smoothly control a parameter

3D Joystick (Troyka Module) 3D Joystick (Troyka Module)

Two-axis analog stick seen on gamepads which may also be pushed

Wide-Range Gas Sensor MQ-2 (Troyka Module) Wide-Range Gas Sensor MQ-2 (Troyka Module)

Detect propane, butane, methane, and hydrogen leaks

Water Level Sensor (straight) Water Level Sensor (straight)

A switch which opens its contacts when flooded; embed it to the lid of a tank

Water Level Sensor (angle) Water Level Sensor (angle)

A switch which closes its contacts when flooded; embed it to the side of a tank

Water Flow Sensor Water Flow Sensor

Measure the amount of water spent; joins with ½ inch pipes

Ultrasonic Range Finder HC-SR04 Ultrasonic Range Finder HC-SR04

The most widespread and simple echolocator in the DIY-world

Temperature Humidity Sensor (DHT21) Temperature Humidity Sensor (DHT21)

A digital hygrometer to control air parameters in 0..100 %RH and -40..+80 °C range with 0.5 °C tolerance

Soil Moisture Sensor Soil Moisture Sensor

Will tell you when it’s time to water your plant

Simple Button (Troyka Module) Simple Button (Troyka Module)

A 12 mm momentary button with a built-in pull-up resistor

Sealed DS18B20 Temperature Sensor Sealed DS18B20 Temperature Sensor

Measure temperature in air, water, or soil with 0.5 °C tolerance

RFID/NFC Transmitter (Troyka Module) RFID/NFC Transmitter (Troyka Module)

Read and write 13,56 MHz cards, tokens, and tags with this scanner based on the popular PN-532 chip

Reed Switch Reed Switch

Tells if a door or window is open

Quad Switch (Troyka Module) Quad Switch (Troyka Module)

A simple four-in-one keyboard; each button exposed on a dedicated GPIO pin

Potentiometer (Troyka Module) Potentiometer (Troyka Module)

A canonical linear rotary potentiometer with 280° travel and a notch at the middle

MQ-9 Analog Gas Sensor (Troyka Module) MQ-9 Analog Gas Sensor (Troyka Module)

Sniff propane, methane, n-butane, and CO

Motion Sensor (Zelo Module) Motion Sensor (Zelo Module)

A binary pyroelectric sensor which detects human and animal movement

Liquid Petrolium Gas Sensor MQ-6 (Troyka Module) Liquid Petrolium Gas Sensor MQ-6 (Troyka Module)

Detects LPG, propane, butane, and their derivatives

Line-in Mini Jack (Troyka Module) Line-in Mini Jack (Troyka Module)

Connect an external mic or aux-aux to your board ADC

Line Sensor 8-channel (Zelo Module) Line Sensor 8-channel (Zelo Module)

An array of gray-shade sensors baked by own processor to precisely track a line below the robot

Laser Proximity Sensor (Troyka Module) Laser Proximity Sensor (Troyka Module)

Measure distance in 0 to 100 mm range and ambient lightness precisely

Keypad (4x4) Keypad (4x4)

16-button membrane matrix keyboard with adhesive back side

IR Receiver (Troyka Module) IR Receiver (Troyka Module)

Catch and decode signals from various remotes including TV

Illuminated Button (Troyka Module) Illuminated Button (Troyka Module)

A button and LED with all neccessary resistors and power key on a single module