Troyka Modules and Hubs

OLED 128×64 (Troyka Module) OLED 128×64 (Troyka Module)

Small graphic display with high-contrast bright pixels and two built-in buttons

Slider (Troyka Module) Slider (Troyka Module)

A linear potentiometer to smoothly control a parameter

Quad Display (Troyka Module) Quad Display (Troyka Module)

Four bright seven-segment digits to display numbers or some letters; controlled using 4 wires via SPI

3D Joystick (Troyka Module) 3D Joystick (Troyka Module)

Two-axis analog stick seen on gamepads which may also be pushed

Meteo Sensor (Troyka Module) Meteo Sensor (Troyka Module)

A digital hygrometer based on SHT31 with 0.2 °C and 2 %RH tolerance

Voltage Regulator 3.3-volt (Troyka Module) Voltage Regulator 3.3-volt (Troyka Module)

Make stable 3.3 V out of any input in 4.4 to 20 V range

USB-UART Adapter (Troyka Module) USB-UART Adapter (Troyka Module)

Talk to UART-serial hardware directly over USB; use the adapter to flash the Mini’es

Pin-up F/M Adapter (Troyka Module) Pin-up F/M Adapter (Troyka Module)

Connect servos and Troyka Modules on cables to Troyka Slots

Raspberry Pi Troyka Cap Raspberry Pi Troyka Cap

Extension board with own MCU to bring more GPIO, PWM, ADC, and power voltage conversion to your Raspberry Pi

I2C Hub (Troyka Module) I2C Hub (Troyka Module)

Resolve I²C address conflicts by putting the peripherals behind this 8-channel proxy

Pull Up (Troyka Module) Pull Up (Troyka Module)

Connect peripherals with floating wires which require a hardware pull-up resistor

Class-D Amplifier (Troyka Module) Class-D Amplifier (Troyka Module)

Convert your board DAC to headphones or small speakers output

WS2812 LED Strip Driver (Troyka Module) WS2812 LED Strip Driver (Troyka Module)

Adjusts power levels for carefree connection of Neopixel LED strips to your controller

Analog Accelerometer (Troyka Module) Analog Accelerometer (Troyka Module)

Three axis, three analog outputs to detect shakes, flips, and tilts

TV Out (Troyka Module) TV Out (Troyka Module)

Draw 128 × 96 graphics on your old CRT TV

H-Bridge (Troyka Module) H-Bridge (Troyka Module)

Drives a DC motor or another load requiring current flow inversion; provides up to 1.2 A of continous current

GPS/GLONASS Receiver with External Antenna (Troyka Module) GPS/GLONASS Receiver with External Antenna (Troyka Module)

An NMEA serial receiver to know your coordinates, altitude, speed, and time; even if the device is under a roof

MQ-9 Analog Gas Sensor (Troyka Module) MQ-9 Analog Gas Sensor (Troyka Module)

Sniff propane, methane, n-butane, and CO

Hydrogen Sensor MQ-8 (Troyka Module) Hydrogen Sensor MQ-8 (Troyka Module)

Detect dangerous levels of hydrogen in the air

Ultrabright LED (Troyka Module) Ultrabright LED (Troyka Module)

Make the light party started; the module carries a very bright LED and components to control it with a single signal pin

Wi-Fi Modem (Troyka Module) Wi-Fi Modem (Troyka Module)

A ESP8266 module coming with slave AT-commands firmware to bring you internet connection; re-programmable though

Troyka Tail Shield for Arduino Mega Troyka Tail Shield for Arduino Mega

Turn the back side of fat controller boards into an array of standard three-wire pin header connectors

Troyka Slot Shield for Arduino Troyka Slot Shield for Arduino

Add up to six Troyka Modules to your project without wires; the quickes way to build a prototype

Troyka Shield for Arduino Troyka Shield for Arduino

Connect Troyka Modules and other signal-voltage-ground peripherals to the controller board quickly and reliably