Low Profile Troyka Shield for Arduino

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The Troyka Shield Low Profile is a low-profile expansion for switching sensors and actuators.


In the center of the board, there are three L-shaped contacts labeled “S-V-G.” They are connected to the board as follows:

  • Signal (S) - Connect to a digital or analog pin
  • Power supply (V) - Connect to voltage
  • Ground (G) - Connect to ground

These standard contacts are needed to interact with most modules.

In the 8th-13th group of pins, an alternative power line, V2, is used. The voltage can be chosen by a jumper:

  • V2+5V - on V2 there will be 5 volts regardless of the voltage of the board
  • V2+IOref - on V2 there will be the same voltage as the rest of the pins

These voltage options are useful when you use the Troyka Shield on a board with a native voltage of 3.3 volts when some of your connected peripherals are 5 V.

We have also added a pair of triple contacts for the I²C (SDA/SCL) interface and also for SPI (DI/DO/CK).

Physical Compatibility

To install the Troyka Shield on top of tall expansion boards such as an Ethernet Shield, you can use a set of stackable pin headers.

The Troyka Shield can be installed on both smaller boards, such as the Arduino Uno, and on longer boards, such as the Arduino Mega. For the latter, while possible to use this product, you may find that a Troyka Mega Tail Shield is more suited to your needs.