Troyka Slot Shield for Arduino

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The Troyka Slot Shield is indispensable when you want to assemble a compact, complex device from several Troyka modules. Using the slot shield will get rid of unnecessary clutter and create an aesthetically pleasing finished product, even without a case.

You can install the Troyka Slot Shield on many different kinds of boards, e.g. the Arduino Uno, or the Iskra. Add a real-time clock, buzzer, display,buttons and you have a simple alarm clock! On this shield it’s easy to install any of the Troyka modules in many different combinations. A new combination is a new device.

The board is designed and manufactured by Amperka as a central “link” capable of uniting all Troyka-modules.

Connecting Modules

There are six slots on the board. Each slot consists of four triples of contacts, on which you can connect one Troyka-module.

It is possible to connect:

  • Six Troyka-modules using the digital contacts
  • Five modules using the analog inputs
  • Three modules running on the the I²C protocol (SDA/SCL)
  • Three modules running on the SPI protocol (DI/DO/CK)

The number of modules that can be connected to the serial port depends on the board you are using.

Voltage Selection (V2)

On three of the slots, an alternative power bus (V2) is used. You can choose this voltage using a jumper:

  • V2 + 5 V - V2 will be 5 volts regardless of the operating voltage of the board
  • V2 + Vin - V2 will be the voltage of the Vin port

Mechanical Compatibility

To install the Troyka Slot Shield on boards with a tall metal connector such as an Ethernet Shield or Arduino Uno, we suggest using stackable pin headers.

The Troyka Slot Shield can be installed both regular boards such as the Arduino Uno, or on long boards such as the Arduino Mega.