IR Remote Control

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Remote controls are everywhere in modern life. You can find them in most household appliances. Televisions, media servers, home theaters, photo frames, even microwaves and coffee makers. So why not add it to your next project?

This compact universal remote works with standard devices within a radius of up to 8 meters (~25 ft).

The buttons are pre-marked, which can useful for managing mobile robots or climate systems, and is suitable for use in complex screen interfaces.

The remote is powered by a CR2025 battery, which is included in the package. Pull the protective film out of the battery compartment and the remote is ready to go.

To manage projects based on Arduino or Iskra Neo, you will need a IR receiver.


  • Range: up to 8 meters (~25 ft)
  • Number of Buttons: 21
  • Dimensions: 86 × 40 mm