Raspberry Pi Case with Fan

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If your Raspberry Pi has a serious job to do, you probably need reliable cooling. In this compact case there is a fan that connects directly to the GPIO pins on your board.

This case is designed for a single Raspberry Pi B. On the side panels there are cutouts for the use of video outputs, power supply, network connector, and USB ports. There are others slots for connecting the display, camera, and cables to the GPIO pins.

You can find the fan attached under the top panel of the case. The brushless fan motor is designed for a voltage of 5 volts and consumes only 0.2 A. This allows you to connect it directly to the GPIO pins. Connect the red wire to the 5V pin and the black wire to GND.

The case itself is assembled in four parts - three case panels and the fan module. A set of screws for connection and silicone feet are included in the package.