10-DOF Inertial Measurement Unit (Troyka Module)

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“Where am I?” - a question everyone has asked at least once. An experienced sailor would find the answer in the stars, but your quadcopter or robot requires a plethora of sensors. This IMU sensor with 10 degrees of freedom will help your smart device find itself!

To solve your location based problems, we have placed 4 chips from STMicroelectronics on the board:

  • Three-axis accelerometer LIS331DLH will show acceleration relative to its X, Y and Z axes. This will help determine the direction relative to the center of the Earth.
  • Three-axis gyroscope L3G4200D will show the speed of rotation about the X, Y and Z axes.
  • Three axis magnetometer/compass LIS3MDL shows the magnetic field intensity relative to its own axes. This will help determine magnetic North.
  • Barometer LPS331AP will show the atmospheric pressure and help to calculate the altitude above sea level.

Each chip has a built-in temperature sensor. This ensures accurate sensor performance even in extreme conditions. The module communicates with control electronics such as an Arduino via I²C interface. This means that you only need two contacts to connect the module.

We have also added a voltage regulator and a special I2C buffer on the module so you can safely use it with any voltage from 3.3 to 5 V.


Connection of this module differs from the standard, it has two three-pin connectors. One connector is used to supply the voltage, the other to connect to the I2C bus.

Connect the module via 3-pin jumper cable. The 3-pin jumper cables needed for the connection are included in the kit.

There are several different ways to wire this module:

Troyka Shield. The most straightforward method. Connect the module to a pin group on Troyka Shield with the 3-pin jumper cable and you’re ready to interface with it from your Arduino.

Troyka Slot Shield. The best choice for quick prototyping. Using slots on the shield, you can get rid of cables. The module will be held securely in place using both pin headers.

Breadboard. For advanced use. Troyka pin headers have 0.1” spacing which is compatible with any breadboard. Simply wire the module like you would do with any IC.


  Maximum Sensitivity Measurement Range
Accelerometer 9.8 × 10-3 m/s² ±2 / ±4 / ±8 g
Gyroscope 8.7 × 10-3 °/s sec / ±250 / ±500 / ±2000 °/s
Magnetometer 1.46 × 10-4 Gs ±4/ ±8/ ±12/ ±16 Gs
Barometer 2.4 × 10-4 mbar 1260 mbar
  • Supply Voltage: 3.3 V
  • Current Draw: less than 10mA
  • Dimensions: 25.4 × 25.4 mm (1 × 1 in)