IR Transmitter LED (Troyka Module)

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Have you finally decided that you want to live in the 21st century and want to automate your household appliances? Are you frustrated that you can never find the remote to turn on the TV, radio, or air conditioning? With the IR transmitter you can be the master of your home. Turn off the lights, pull the curtains, and turn on the TV. All of this from a pressure sensor on your chair. Why not live like it’s the future?

With the help of the IR transmitter you can emulate the protocols of popular appliance manufacturers, such as Sharp or Sony.

Use the IR receiver to organize a wireless network from multiple devices.


The IR transmitter is connected to the microcontroller via 3 wire jumper cables.

There are several different ways to wire this module:

Troyka Shield. The most straightforward method. Connect the module to a pin group on Troyka Shield with the 3-pin jumper cable and you’re ready to interface with it from your Arduino.

Troyka Slot Shield. The best choice for quick prototyping. Using slots on the shield, you can get rid of cables. The module will be held securely in place using both pin headers.

Breadboard. For advanced use. Troyka pin headers have 0.1” spacing which is compatible with any breadboard. Simply wire the module like you would do with any IC.


  • Wavelength: 940 nm
  • Supply Voltage: 3.3 ~ 5 V
  • Viewing Angle: 30°