Iskra Mini IO Pad

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The Troyka Mini IO is an expansion board that will allow you to connect up to ten simple Troyka modules to microcontrollers such as the Iskra Mini.

Forget about soldering and prototyping on a breadboard. Projects can be assembled in a matter of minutes. Just connect the modules to the board with 3-pin jumper cables and power supply. Now your device is ready for any project you want to throw at it!

The Troyka Mini IO will fit most boards without any problems, even in a case.


On the right side of the module there are triples of “S-V-G” contacts. They are connected to the control board as follows:

  • Signal (S) - connect to the corresponding digital or analog pin
  • Power Supply (V) - connect to the supply voltage
  • Ground (G) - connect to ground

There are eight groups of pins, three analog and five digital. Three of the five digital pins support PWM. Pins 10 to 13 can connect modules using the SPI interface. Pin 3 supports interrupts.

On the left, we have added I²C(SDA/SCL) and serial port pins in separate groups.

To connect your power supply we have provided screw terminals. The positive contact is indicated by the inscription VIN (voltage in), negative by the symbol ⟂.


Most small projects use a small amount of peripherals. Keeping this minimalist nature in mind, we only added the necessary connections. Out of the box, you can use ten groups of pins.

If this is not enough for your project, don’t fret. In the center of the module we provided tin holes for soldering contacts for pins 2 and 4 - 9.

In addition, we made the contacts for desoldering the ICSP-connector easier to access. Connect them to your programming device for fast firmware based boards.