Troyka Pad 1×4

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If you want to use four modules, but need them to be a single functioning unit then this Troyka Pad is exactly what you’re looking for.

This pad from the Troyka Pad series is designed for the fast and easy connection of single-unit and two-unit modules via UART, I²C , and SPI protocols.

On the pad are 4 slots for Troyka-modules, with two power pins (V-G pins) and two signal pins (Z-Y) built into the busses.

To ensure the secure attachment of the modules, four holes for M3 screws and corner roundings with a radius of 1.6 mm are provided. Several modules can be assembled into a single aesthetically pleasing panel.

If the modules will not be exposed to serious physical stress, you can attach them with double-sided tape.


  • Dimensions (without pins): 101.6 × 25.4 mm (4 × 1 in)
  • Dimensions (with pins): 113.0 × 25.4 mm (4.4 × 1 in)
  • Height: 11.0 mm