Quad Display (Troyka Module)

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Do you need a number display for your magnum opus - maybe to show the value from a sensor or the current time? Our four-digit, seven-segment display from the Troyka module series is the easiest way to solve your number problem. It’s easy to work with and extremely easy to use - no soldering, no small components, no confusion. Nothing needs to be set up, nor complicated eqations needed - everything is ready for you to use out of the box!

This module contains four indicators, where one SPI port is sufficient to manage them all.

The module works with signals from 3 to 5 volts. Therefore, the indicator is compatible with most boards, including the Raspberry Pi.

Thanks to the QuadDisplay library, using the module is no problem at all.

This module can be neatly placed on the front panel of your device, fastened with М3 screws.


The module is connected to the board via two 3-pin jumper cables. It communicates via SPI through a pair of triple pins.

The upper group of pins receives data from the controller:

  • contact DI (or MOSI) - digital input - connect to the DO (digital output) pin of the microcontroller
  • SCK pin - serial clock signal - connect to the clock pulse pin

The lower group is used to select the device and power supply:

  • CS contact - select the slave device - connect to the SS pin of the microcontroller
  • contact V - to power (3.3 - 5 V)
  • contact G - to ground

When you connect to an Arduino, try using a Troyka LP Shield. Two 3-pin jumper cables needed for the connection are included in the kit.

This module is also compatible with any breadboard.

Package Contents


  • Power supply: 3-5 V
  • Maximum Current Draw: 150 mA (5 V supply)
  • Dimensions: 50.8 × 25.4 mm (2 × 1 in)