Addressable RGB LED Matrix 4×4 (Troyka Module)

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You can use this LED RGB-matrix to indicate the status of devices, create a spotlight, or advertise your brand anywhere you want.

On this square 1-inch module, there are 16 tri-color LEDs. Each LED has its own controller and can change its color independantly of the others.

We have indluded a voltage regulator on this module. This means that the module can work with both 3.3 V and 5 V signals.

The module can be fixed on the front panel of your device using M3 screws. If you place several matrices together, the LEDs form a grid. By this, you can create LED panels of any size.


Connect the module via 3-pin jumper cable. The 3-pin jumper cables needed for the connection are included in the kit.

The right group of pins is used to connect the module to the microcontroller:

  • Digital Input (DI) - connect to any digital pin on the microcontroller
  • Power (V) - connect to the power supply on the microcontroller
  • Ground (G) - connect to the ground of the microcontroller

There are several different ways to wire this module:

Troyka Shield. The most straightforward method. Connect the module to a pin group on Troyka Shield with the 3-pin jumper cable and you’re ready to interface with it from your Arduino.

Troyka Slot Shield. The best choice for quick prototyping. Using slots on the shield, you can get rid of cables. The module will be held securely in place using both pin headers.

Breadboard. For advanced use. Troyka pin headers have 0.1” spacing which is compatible with any breadboard. Simply wire the module like you would do with any IC.

If you want to chain several modules together, use the left group of pins:

  • Digital Output (DO) - digital output of the last RGB-LED;
  • power (V) - power
  • ground (G) - ground

These pins are not soldered when we ship the module. To start working with them, drip some solder on the jumper of output pins.

Package Contents


  • Module: addressable RGB-LED SK6812
  • Number of LEDs: 16
  • Operating Voltage: 3.3V to 5V
  • Current Draw: up to 0.6 A
  • Dimensions: 25.4 × 25.4 mm (1 × 1 in)
  • Protocol: WS2812, NeoPixel