Stepper Motor Driver (Troyka Module)

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Need the easiest way to control a stepper motor? Why not try the Troyka stepper motor driver. It’s easy to work with and extremely easy to use - no soldering, no small pieces, no confusion. Nothing needs to be set up, nor complicated eqations needed - everything is ready for you to use out of the box!

To control a stepper motor you not only need a special driver capable of controlling a large current and voltage, but also need to observe the windings on the stepper motor. Our stepper motor driver independently monitors the correct switching of each winding, thanks to the L293D microcircuit. It is capable of controlling a stepper motor with a voltage in the range of 4.5 ~ 25 V and a current of up to 600 mA.

Depending on the project, only one to three microcontroller pins are needed. With this module, you can easily manage a large number of stepper motors - even if you want to build a 3D printer or a CNC machine.

This module can be neatly placed on the front panel of your device, fastened with M3 screws.


Connect the module via 3-pin jumper cable. The 3-pin jumper cables needed for the connection are included in the kit. There are several different ways to wire this module:

Troyka Shield. The most straightforward method. Connect the module to a pin group on Troyka Shield with the 3-pin jumper cable and you’re ready to interface with it from your Arduino.

Troyka Slot Shield. The best choice for quick prototyping. Using slots on the shield, you can get rid of cables. The module will be held securely in place using both pin headers.

Breadboard. For advanced use. Troyka pin headers have 0.1” spacing which is compatible with any breadboard. Simply wire the module like you would do with any IC.


  • Motor Power Supply: 4.5 ~ 25 V
  • Peak Voltage on Vin: 35 V
  • Supply Voltage for logic: 3.3 - 5 V
  • Continuous Current Draw: up to 600 mA
  • Peak Current Daw: 1200 mA
  • Dimensions: 50.8 × 25.4 mm (2 × 1 in)