Water Level Sensor (angle)

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Using this water level sensor, you can protect your sink or bathroom from overflowing, keeping your pet’s waterbowl full, or even help filling your best friend’s glass with a (non-alcoholic) drink of choice.

Inside the hollow cylinder is a reed switch, which reacts to a magnetic field. The floater contains a tiny magnet. When the water level changes, the position of the floater changes, causing the relay to open or close.

The sensor is connected with two wires, a ‘minus’ and a signal output for something like an Arduino or Iskra. When the relay is closed a logical zero appears on the signal output, and on opening, a one.

The sensor outputs are compatible with a Troyka Shield and the polarity of the connection does not matter.

Dimensional installation drawing

There is a thread at one end of the sensor for easy attachment to the vessel wall. Included you will find a matching nut and a rubber washer, so you will be able to seal the sensor mount.


  • Overall Dimensions (L × W × H): 54.5 × 24.5 × 35 mm
  • Float Stroke: 7 mm
  • Diameter of Mounting Hole: 11.5 mm